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on Jun 20, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Blue Mountain’s Spring

It’s simply the most beautiful forest I’ve ever walked! We averaged about five miles a day in our hunt for Great Gray Owls walking the forest. Our walks the entire time were through the most gorgeous, sweeping landscape of Ponderosa Pines with spring grasses and wildflowers at their feet. While we never found the Great Grays, we were enveloped by over thirty species of wildflowers. Their color and smell amongst the pines and grasses were intoxicating and with all the birds singing made for a near heaven experience. Seriously, we all said we’d move there in a heartbeat, it was just that magnificent! Those who know me know that no matter how gorgeous the wildflowers, I simply don’t put my butt in the air to photograph them. So you might be very surprised to see a blog post with wildflowers. Well, that’s because I didn’t have to bend over to take them! Shooting with the D850 / 8-15Fish, I simply folded out the monitor and shot! The 8-15Fish is...

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on Mar 7, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Grand Canyon Fishin!

Sunrise, sunset and sunrise again the last 24hours at the Grand Canyon. Simply the most gorgeous place to be with a Fisheye lense! The only “trick” is to watch the horizon and make the decision how you want to tell the story. You can see how I made the call for these three images, each a little different, each accomplished by simply pointing the lens more up or down. It’s just simply a gorgeous place and photography to bring back the memories just makes it...

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on Sep 8, 2017 in Landscape Photography, Digital Darkroom

Removing the “Fish”

The 180degree view of the Fisheye lens like the 16Fish or 8-15Fish can be stunning and essential to a visual story. At the same time, the natural “curve” the Fish can create might be desired. Here’s a simple digital darkroom lesson how to deal with it. Keep in mind everything was done at the time of capture to “plumb” the subject at the time of capture. That makes a difference in the digital...

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on Jul 27, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

First Shoot with the 8-15Fish

B&H got the new Nikon 8-15 Fisheye just a couple of days ago and I’ve been dying to shoot with it ever since. Once upon a time I owned the 8f8 Fisheye and I’ve owned a 16Fish forever so the idea of having one lens that does all sounded really attractive to me. Then I went in my files and search how much I use the 16Fish and found it was real little. So I didn’t think I would buy this lens because simply, I didn’t shoot Fish enough to justify it. Then I shot with the 8-15Fish today …. Here are just two examples from today’s shooting with the 8-15Fish. First, it’s real fun to use, the shade and lens cap system makes it simple to use and protect that front element. Then when it comes to applying its magic, that was pretty seamless as well. Lastly there is the file it produces. To say I’m very pleased with my results is an understatement. And now the lens...

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on Oct 3, 2016 in Landscape Photography

Stary, Stary Skies

There is one aspect of the Sierra that stands out amongst all the rest and that’s its night skies. Right now with the new moon and cold temps, it is literally so bright you can walked around without the aid of a flashlight. With that overhead, it was only natural we held our Mono Lake Weekend Workshop and on Saturday, made it a Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photowalk. We had a hearty group that meet not just one but two mornings at 04:30 at South Tufa to bring home those skies to you, those who weren’t with us. We had the usual aircraft heading towards San Francisco every so often but we had the great fortune to have a meteor shower going both mornings. Many were real faint but some, well they lit up the night. It was just glorious! How where the pictures taken? I started by giving folks my usual formula for getting the photo. While it works great for me, it seems to confuse folks. One...

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