The Amazing 16Fish!

Not sure what it is, but if there is one piece of camera gear that is misunderstood, it has to be the 16Fish. The Nikon 16f2.8AF is a lens I count on all the time for many, many different types of photography. Many think of a 16Fish and this lens the bends the world and it can, but is doesn’t have to. Here’s shot coming back from a project where the project was to take a portrait using the 16Fish (you’ll see the final image later this year). And this shot taken with the D800 flying back from the project in the rear of the A36 was also taken with the 16Fish as well. When we talked about shooting with the 16Fish this weekend at Short Lens Course (GREAT group BTW, loved having you!) and then I made a shot with a participants Canon Fish, I could see on faces I had opened some minds which is why I wanted to blog about again today. Check out the video below but it comes with a warning, it might cost you money! On a side note, this is a 5 image, hand held during a bumpy ride over Owens Valley, HDR finished just with Nik’s HDR Efex Pro 2.

16Fish Basics

[swf], 595, 484 [/swf]

[swf], 595, 484 [/swf]

[swf], 595, 484 [/swf]

I’m constantly asked about the easiest way to take ultra wide images and when I answer 16Fish, the question is repeated to see if I didn’t understand the question. The 16Fish when shot with the horizon line running right through the viewfinder captures a 180degree view with just one click. No stitching, no tricks, one click pano! Now if you point the lens up or point the lens down, you get what you see above. But even these clicks can be run through a number of programs and the Fish is gone and an ultra wide pano is born. This is why I tell folks the easiest is done with the 16Fish and one click.

Shooting the 16Fish

I’m a little behind in getting this video out, OK, I’m four months behind but at least I didn’t forget. The 16Fish is such a damn fun lens to shoot that  I’m surprised when at times it can be the only tool to make the shot. For example, making this shot from the backseat of the T6 was only possible with the 16Fish.

[swf], 585, 444 [/swf]

It’s 180 degrees uncorrected coverage is just amazing! You might think such a lens more gimmick then tool, but it’s gorgeously sharp. One of  more common uses of the 16Fish is for the landscape. This is a great lens for that purpose. With that in mind, here’s a little video on using the 16Fish.

[swf], 585, 444 [/swf]

Nikon 16Fish


This is simply one hell of a fun lens! Does it serve a purpose? The original fisheye lenses were made for scientific research and pipeline construction inspection, hardly what I use it for. When I grab for the 16Fish, it’s because typicaly I have a scene that is so wide that I need the 180 degree coverage of the 16Fish to get the shot. At the same time, the scene in front of me must be one where there is no straight lines because the 16Fish will not render them straight. When you’re in the cockpit of a plane for example, you want the whole thing and some of the outside world, this is your only lens of choice. If you search the site, you’ll find a number of examples where I had fun shooting with the 16Fish.

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