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on Dec 16, 2013 in Camera Tech, Moose's Camera Bag

The Df Does Weather

On our recent trip to Ann Arbor, I took just the Df, 50f1.4AFS & 18-35AFS (P7800 & SB-300 as well) because I wanted to put the Df though more real world work (I’ll be commenting on it all week). I just wanted to show you that it actually is a tough camera today. Many seemed to have gotten the impression the Df isn’t built well, quite the contrary! Whenever I get new gear, I abuse it just to make sure that a year after purchase, I have something still performs like new. The Df is solid construction and up to this point, handling with ease everything I’m throwing at it! Note: photos taken by Sharon with her V2 which can also take the...

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on Nov 7, 2013 in Camera Tech, Gear Just Introed!

The D610 – It’s Not Just a Redo

The D610 is just a fun camera to use! And while fun is an important reason why we own our gear, there has to be that technical reason as well. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan on the D600 and the D610 is supposed to be the D600 with its issues resolved. Well, I’m of the opinion it’s a bit more than that. I have no insider info, just my experience shooting with the D610 this past week compared to my shooting with the D600 prior. It’s just a better experience with files just a tad sweeter. No, don’t have resolution charts or side by side comparisons, just the experience of looking at images giving me the belief the D610 does a tad better job of taking and producing images. Here’s a couple of examples that have me thinking this. This first one as it appears, is a sunset shot looking to the west with the sun below the horizon and the lights on in the hangar. I’m...

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on Jul 26, 2013 in Aviation, Gear Just Introed!

What Gear Am I Taking to Osh?

As little as possible! Seriously, when you walk 6+ miles each day, too much gear just kills so this is where less is more! At the same time, I need to have the tools for the known and unknown, for the given and the imagination. With that in mind, you’re probably going to think I have everything but the kitchen sink. I’d have that but I’ll be in a tent. Here ya go: D4 (3x 1 rented from D800 200-400VR2 80-400VR3 24-70AFS 18-35AFS 50f1.4AFS 24f1.4AFS 16Fish TC-14eII GoPro Hero3 (2x) Contour+ ContourRoam2 Lexar 128GB 1000x CF (6) Lexar 32GB & 64GB microSD (6, at least until I loose them darn small things) Think Tank Airport Vulture Strap Sun Sniper Strap Mountain Smith sling bag You might be wondering why I have both the 200-400VR and 80-400VR3. There are a number of reasons, the first being I can put teleconverters on the 200-400 and easily work. Next, the 80-400 is a dust pump (dust pump is an old term...

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on Oct 30, 2012 in Landscape Photography

River Cafe View – WOW!

Click Here To see bigger pano After an amazing day on the water, our very gracious host Howard provide us an amazing dinner beside the water. In true NY style, picked up in a Black Car and whisked across town, we put on our dinner jackets and ate dinner under the Brooklyn Bridge looking over at Manhattan. Me being me, I wasn’t without my camera. So while ordering dinner, before telling them what I wanted, I asked how I could get outside to photograph what you see. I’ve got my priorities! With the D4 w/50f1.4AFS attached, I headed out to take a 3 image, handheld pano. Then I simply dropped it into CS6 to assemble. What a gorgeous night, what a fantastic meal. Thanks...

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on Oct 1, 2012 in Landscape Photography

mmmm…Fire – Gooood!

I had the opportunity Friday morning to go out with some of the good folks from the 4C convention to the Posner Balloon Festival. I yearly festival that’s been held for decades, it’s a great event where I’m told 30 hot air balloons come to have fun. Arriving in the dark, my favorite time to start, we wondered over the field where the balloonist had parked. I talked with some of the folks to get an idea of how they would handle the launch and then just started to watch. Knowing their general MO, in the dark of morning I looked for those with their baskets set up first. This takes a little time, hauling it our of the trailer, getting the rigging set up and clear in the dark getting ready for the preburn. It was pretty simple really, you want to show that fire, you need a dark background. So once I saw the first basket ready to warm up the burners, I positioned myself with a...

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